Moonbow also known as a lunar rainbow, is a rare spectacle that takes place when the moon’s light is reflected and refracted off water droplets in the air.

It has Inspired another moonbow.

Moonbow, an innovative brand with avant-garde technology as its basis, creates products that are beyond one’s imagination. And its unconventional air purifier and water purifier are two such marvels that make it possible to experience nature-like fresh air and water at home.

Within 1 year, we have won the ‘Product of the Year’ award

by Nielson for our Moonbow range of air purifiers.

I bought Moonbow Airpurifiers and using it since last month and there are definite improvement in their health this year. I am planning to buy it for my kids room too.
Vikas Tripathi

Undoubtedly, the best product I have ever seen, you can literally feel the difference once you step inside the home. I would recommend it to everyone in my peer group.
Tarun Viz

Many a times, you take all the precautions for your new born, but miss out on the key ones. Thanks to my niece who advised me to buy Moonbow air purifier for my new born’s health and wellness. And it indeed was a good decision, and a refreshing one.
Sneha Negi

Living in a polluted city like Delhi, Moonbow air purifier is like a necessity. I am glad that at least at home, we can breathe fresh and natural air.
Yatendra Kasana

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Toddler & Air Purifier

No, no reason at all. Your young ones, can just roam around the air purifier like they would do if it wasn’t there.