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Achelous Premium IPRO
Moonbow by Hindware - Achelous Premium Winner - Water Purifier Category Survey of over 2800 people by Nelson across category
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The Advanced Mineral Fortification technology of our water purifiers helps in restoring all the essential minerals that are lost in the process of ordinary water purification methods. Hence, giving you the goodness of natural minerals in your water that is safe to drink and good in taste.
Moonbow products not only add nature-like goodness but also enhance your lifestyle with aesthetically crafted and technologically advanced products.

Our Range of Water Purifiers

Moonbow Alpheus RO+Minerals by hindware


Hindware Elara RO+UV+UF+Minerals by hindware


Moonbow Achelous Premium iPro by hindware

Achelous Premium iPro by hindware

Moonbow Evinos Plus UV by hindware

Evinos Plus UV

Moonbow Alpheus UV+UF by hindware



Discover the new range of Moonbow Air Purifiers, and you can get some insights into how the latest technology of Moonbow helps you combat the struggle for achieving good indoor air quality and nature like freshness inside your home. You will learn about Puri5 technology and refreshing energisers and how they give you pure and fresh air to breathe in.

Our Range of Air Purifiers

Hindware Agnis Air Purifier

Agnis Air Purifier

Moonbow AP-A8609UIA Air Purifier by hindware

AP-A8608UIA Air Purifier

Moonbow Vayo Air Purifier by hindware

Vayo Air Purifier

Moonbow AP-A8400UIN Air Purifier by hindware

AP-A8400UIN Air Purifier

Moonbow AP-C6013NIA Air Purifier by hindware

AP-C6013NIA Air Purifier by hindware

About Us

We, at Moonbow Living, believe in intelligent living and get inspired from it, we have designed a range of products that promote goodness and purity.
Not just that, when it comes to our products, we believe in honesty.
With the launch of Moonbow Achelous Premium iPro Hot + IoT water purifier, Moonbow has set new standards of honesty. From a detailed display to honest feedback to the filter expiry, you will find that Moonbow takes honesty to its customer’s seriously.

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Our representative calls you soon after you have sent the form.

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