7 Indoor Air Contaminants that You Must Be Wary of

Most people on hearing about air pollution or air contamination instantly think of smog and car emissions. They forget to consider the fact that the outdoor air pollutants have made their way indoors threatening our health and lifestyles. It is considered that outdoor pollution is responsible for greater threats, but if noticed properly population exposure to indoor micro-environment is likely higher than outdoor, cause of the amount of time people spend in each of the scenarios. So, it’s essential you opt for the best air purifier online from Moonbow’s wide range to keep your family safe and secure.


Over the years, scientists have found the existence of various contaminants indoors, considerably varying types, concentrations, sources and so on and so forth. But with those came the many severely life-threatening issues, for eg. lung cancer, asbestosis, asthma, flu etc. So, from the perspective of maintaining a perfect health, reducing exposure to indoor air pollution (IAP) is and should be the primary objective of household energy interventions (an initiative by WHO). Measuring IAP levels has become particularly important now, given the difficulty in assessing the health outcomes directly. As according to the stats of WHO, approximately 4.3 million people die every year due to exposure of IAP.



7 Indoor air contaminants:

You can make this list anytime, and toxic products, inadequate ventilation, high temperature with humidity will top it always. But there are other important factors which go unnoticed to the naked eye, which can cause long-term impacts in our lives.


Asbestos: It is a leading cause of indoor air pollution, as it is found in most materials used for constructing the house. But seeing the adverse effects, new products don’t contain asbestos in them. However, if your house was constructed a long time ago, then the problem certainly persists. Though being banned in many countries now, it’s still in use in India.


Synthetic products: Mostly the fragrances, perfumes, and deodorizers that we use are largely unregulated and are not monitored by the government. Some contain highly volatile and semi-volatile chemicals, which are capable of causing allergic reactions, nervous disorders when they make their way into our nervous systems.


Household cleaning chemicals, paints and solvents- These products contain extremely volatile organic compounds (VOCs) efficient in triggering syndromes such as headaches, skin and throat irritation, cause most people are exposed to them on a regular basis.


Formaldehyde: This specifically volatilizes from pressed wood products made using adhesives which contain Urea-Formaldehyde (UF) resins. And exposure to which can cause severe threats like; Watery eyes, Burning sensations in the eyes and throat, Nausea, Difficulty in breathing when exposed to higher levels (0.1 ppm) Higher concentration has shown evidential impacts on asthmatics, while normal people developed sensitivity to formaldehyde.


Radon: An invisible, radioactive gas, mostly found under your home in the various bedrocks and other building materials. It is a significant cause of health defects, as it gets indoors through the walls and puts everyone at risk.


Mold: Allergens are known for their extreme interference with people’s wellbeing. These grow specifically in damp areas and at times come from outdoor areas, containing mostly biological contaminants like mildew, bacteria, dust mites etc, as well as animal dander. So, it’s essential you keep your home dry, with the humidity level below 50% as far as possible.


Carbon Monoxide: In case you didn’t know, there are certain household products which we use every day that is found to increase air pollution indoors. Objects such as stoves, heaters, fireplaces etc, or specifically any objects which burn or emit heat to keep the room warm, they all emit carbon monoxide. And being a colorless and odorless gas, it goes unnoticed while it makes its way into our respiratory tracts to cause nausea, unconsciousness and eventually death.


Understanding the above causes and the effects of indoor air pollution will help you understand the various precautions you need to take, and it is essential to prevent yourself from falling prey to them. There are various air purifiers available online now from the house of Moonbow, that help you discover the best solution for the problem keeping you and your family safe.


Equipped with Puri 5, the Moonbow air purifiers focus on delivering the best air after filtration.
Providing the ultimate protection from the impure air with its 5 stage filtration technology and refreshing energizers, you can be rest assured that you’ll be breathing fresh and clean air indoors.



Key filters:

Pre-filter- Made specifically to capture the large household dirt, such as hair strands etc. Increasing the lifespan of advanced purification filters attached.

True HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter- With an efficiency of arresting 99.985% allergens and airborne contaminants, it saves you from lung-damaging dust and pet dander too. It has the capacity to filter 8 times smaller particles than 2.5 PM.


Activated Carbon Filter- It refreshes the air by removing odors and harmful gases from your living space.


UV lamps- These Efficiently eliminate mold spores, bacteria, viruses, and pollen spores that circulate all around in your home.


Refreshing Energizers- Also known as Negative ions, they exist in natural surroundings such as forests and waterfalls which emit an energizing essence. Moonbow purifiers release negative ions that improve the quality of air, by reacting with odor molecules and dust.


Formaldehyde filter- It is an extra filter which filters the small particles that slip through a pre-filter and reduces the formaldehyde present in the air.


So, that’s Moonbow air purifier for you, an amalgamation of aesthetic design and superior performance. Get one now and make sure you breathe air free from all contaminants.







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