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About us

​​​​​​​​Moonbow’s Digisense RO based water purifiers offer a wholesome healthy lifestyle to the consumers in India. Moonbow a relatively new brand is already getting lot of recognition for aesthetic range and disruptive design.

‘Moonbow’ was honoured with the prestigious ‘Brand of the Year – Emerging No. 1 2016’ award at The Pride of India Awards held by World Consulting and Research Corporation (WCRC) in December 2016. The brand is at a very nascent stage but aims to be amongst the top 3 players in India over the next five years.


Designed to tackle today’s alarming air borne diseases and widespread pollution, Moonbow air purifiers go beyond purification, making the air ‘Fresh’. With the commitment to keep the bad and impure air out, Moonbow promises to keep the surroundings fresh and energised. The brand’s motto of ‘expect the unexpected’ assures a unique offering of out-of-the-box thinking and a fresh belief in the air purification category.

Powered by Puri5 Technology, the room air purifiers offer a five stage filtration process in every model, irrespective of the price band. The importance of 5 stage filtration lies in its ability to sieve away unsafe levels of particulate matter, which other models are unable to match. With this 5 stage filtration, all the pollutants are effectively removed, promising clean and pure air, always.


Moonbow’s Digisense RO based water purifiers offer a wholesome healthy lifestyle to the consumers in India.

The RO based Moonbow water purifiers utilize the latest Hexapure technology which ensures pure, safe and healthy drinking water, along with having an extremely elegant design and interactive interface. Moonbow water purifiers has build a nationwide distribution network both online as well as offline.

The Moonbow water purifiers has 5 variants available, namely Oceanus Premium, Achelous Premium, Achelous, Ezili & Alpheus.

hsil ltd

HSIL is the result of one man’s mission to revolutionize the sanitary ware market in India. In 1960, Mr. Rajendra K. Somany, in collaboration with Twyfords Ltd. of UK, established Hindustan Twyfords. Backed by innovative products, Hindustan Twyfords was the first company to introduce vitreous china ceramics in India. Keeping in mind the need to change the sanitation conditions in the country, his vision and goal found perfect harmony with his desire to do something for the social welfare of the nation as well. With this thought, enormous encouragement was given by his family and with technical support provided by Twyfords, Mr. Somany founded the Bahadurgarh plant which commenced its production in 1962.

Ever since, Hindware has been characterized by beauty, elegance, and style. Its brand values signify this commitment to quality that has made Hindware India’s number 1 brand in the sanitary ware segment – a passion for excellence, quality, and a consumer-centric approach.

From products that straddle across the luxury range to value for money products for mass market, HSIL has transformed the sanitary ware industry and has remained true to his core values despite the demanding challenges of the market. Our products aren’t just contemporary in design; they’re a perfect synergy of form, functionality, and statement.

To know more about HSIL Ltd log on to www:hsilgroup.com

What Consumers say

Finally, I know the difference between the normal, polluted water and fresh, pure water. Thanks to Moonbow water purifiers that now I drink water that is pure enough to keep diseases away.


Sneha Negi

Water is essential for us but impure water is more injurious than no water. I realized the impurity that the water has these days after I got Moonbow water purifier and now I don’t need to care about any impurity at all.


Yatendra Kasana

Living in a polluted city like Delhi, Moonbow air purifier is like a necessity. I am glad that at least at home, we can breathe fresh and natural air.




Mr. Aditya Bakshi


Ms. Sugandh Swani


Mr. Jinu Joy

My mom had asthma problems and we were striving between her best treatment (in metropolitan cities) and fresh air. Thanks to Moonbow that she now breathes unpolluted air and her health has shown significant improvement.


Subh pandey

The first impression as soon as I got the product was, wow! the look and feel win hearts. It is almost a month since the use, I can say that it is an amazing product. The taste of filtered water is very good. Not much of a hassle in maintenance. Loved it!


Tarun Viz

Works really good, I did not face any health issues concerning water since I bought it even though I am using it on tap water. Not only does the purifier work elegantly, the look and feel of the product have added grace to my kitchen. Super impressed!


Vikas Tripathi

Undoubtedly, the best product I have ever seen, you can literally feel the difference once you step inside the home. I would recommend it to everyone in my peer groups.


Ravi Bhushan

I bought Moonbow Air purifiers last month and there is a definite improvement in the health of my family this year. Super impressed by its effect. I am planning to buy it for my kid’s room too.


Narendra Pandey

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