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Moonbow RO water purifier works on the best Reverse Osmosis (RO) technique that uses a semi-permeable membrane in order to remove ions, molecules, dissolved salts, and larger impurities from drinking water. Moonbow with its wide range of quality water purifiers thrives to become the best brand of water purifiers in India.

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UV Water Purifiers

Moonbow water purifiers use UltraViolet technology for an effective and efficient way of removing lethal viruses, bacteria, protozoa etc that are largely invisible and harmful to one's health. Moonbow UV water purifiers are 99.99 % capable of inactivating pathogens without adding any chemicals or changing the taste of water. Awesome design coupled with top technology makes Moonbow the best Water Purifier brand for your home.

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What Consumers say

Finally, I know the difference between the normal, polluted water and fresh, pure water. Thanks to Moonbow water purifiers that now I drink water that is pure enough to keep diseases away.


Sneha Negi

Water is essential for us but impure water is more injurious than no water. I realized the impurity that the water has these days after I got Moonbow water purifier and now I don’t need to care about any impurity at all.


Yatendra Kasana

The first impression as soon as I got the product was, wow! the look and feel win hearts. It is almost a month since the use, I can say that it is an amazing product. The taste of filtered water is very good. Not much of a hassle in maintenance. Loved it!


Tarun Viz

My mom had asthma problems and we were striving between her best treatment (in metropolitan cities) and fresh air. Thanks to Moonbow that she now breathes unpolluted air and her health has shown significant improvement.


Subh pandey

The first impression as soon as I got the product was, wow! the look and feel win hearts. It is almost a month since the use, I can say that it is an amazing product. The taste of filtered water is very good. Not much of a hassle in maintenance. Loved it!


Tarun Viz

Works really good, I did not face any health issues concerning water since I bought it even though I am using it on tap water. Not only does the purifier work elegantly, the look and feel of the product have added grace to my kitchen. Super impressed!


Vikas Tripathi

Undoubtedly, the best product I have ever seen, you can literally feel the difference once you step inside the home. I would recommend it to everyone in my peer groups.


Ravi Bhushan

I bought Moonbow Air purifiers last month and there is a definite improvement in the health of my family this year. Super impressed by its effect. I am planning to buy it for my kid’s room too.


Narendra Pandey

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The need for having a good and efficient water purifier in your home is essential. With the number of pollutants in the air and overall atmosphere, a water purifier is the only source that helps us stay healthy and live germ free lives.

Water is extremely important for our day to day needs, and with water purifiers in India that come equipped with UV and RO facilities, it becomes easier to live a stress free life, minus the germs and toxic elements, which are otherwise detrimental for our well being and health.

What is Water Purification?

Water purification is a method that separates rejected and dissolved impurities from natural water and makes it suitable for consumption. Boiling water is the primary water purification method in India but it isn't effective to get rid of all contaminants and excrete pure. Employing a lot ofadvanced water filtration methodology it is important to drink 100% safe and clean water. The requirement of the hour is a advanced water purifier for home to get rid of undesirable chemicals, rejected solids, and physical contaminants from water to form it safe for consumption.

What is Water Purifier?

A water purifier is a household appliance that filters out contaminated water and makes it drinkable. The variety of water purifiers in India will be majorly categorized on combination of their purification processes. The foremost purification technologies utilized in best water purifiers are:

  • RO (Reverse Osmosis)
  • UV (Ultra Violet) Purification
  • UF (Ultra Filtration)

The top water purifiers for home work on dual principle of cleansing technologies mentioned atop to get rid of differing kinds of impurities. Multistage purification process is used in top water purifiers the general processes of RO+UF, Ro+UF+UV or RO +UV+UF+TDS balancers to provide totally safe and pure drinking water.

In case of Water filters used in water purifiers the one size fits all formula doesn’t apply because the contaminants levels and range in water varies in several areas. As a result, it's mandatory to check the water quality before selecting a water purifier. Basis the impurities present in water, you can select among RO+UF, RO+UF+UV or RO+UF+UV+TDS Controller technologies, for best water purifiers for home.

Why do You Need a Water Purifier?

The reason for installing a water purifier is simple because of various sorts of pollutants, a water purifier for homes has become the most essential thing. A top water purifier system delivers 100 percent safe drinking water. Most Importantly best water purifiers doesn’t tamper with essential minerals from the drinking water.

Why are RO Water Filters and UV Water Purifiers a necessity?

Water covers 71% of the earth’s surface, but less than 1 percentage is considered suitable for human consumption. Shocked? If you think about it, water is the basic necessity, without which we can’t function. Whether it is cleaning the house, taking a bath, or cooking, water is the elixir of life, and rightfully so.

There are numerous water purifiers in the market, but there are few water purifiers, that are worth the price. Every sip of water you consume can either make or break your health, and therefore it is essential for you to buy the best water purifier in India, in order to sustain good health and stay disease free.

Apart from providing your family with multiple health benefits, water purifiers in India come equipped with filters and dispensers that are made with the latest technology. The semipermeable membrane helps get rid of all the impurities, such as heavy metals and pesticides. What’s more? The ultraviolet radiation makes water purifiers safe for consumption and highly beneficial for good health.

What to look for while choosing the best water purifier for your home?

Whether you are looking for a water purifier online or checking out different water purifier price lists, these are the things you should consider before making the final investment.

The Storage Capacity: It is one of the most important factors to consider. In order to meet your demands, you should buy a water purifier with enough storage capacity.

  • Is the brand well known and reliable?: These days, there are a number of Water Purifier brands in India that boast of many benefits, but are they credible enough? As it is directly related to health of your family, you should not compromise with the quality of the product. You should check for the Water Purifier third party certifications so that there would be guarantee for the quality.
  • Comparison with other water purifiers in India: Before buying a water filter for your home, you should compare shortlisted models on the basis of specification, features, price, quality, certifications, reviews etc.
  • The After Sales Reputation: It is one of the important aspects to consider while buying a water purifier online, or in the store. Not all brands have the best after sales service, and this is important as your purifier would need timely maintenance and service.

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