Achelous Premium RO Water Purifier

Achelous Premium’s water purification system is a perfect blend of aesthetics and technology that takes water filtration to the next level. This purification system comprises of a removable jug with an auto-fill function, a water TDS level indicator, and a reverse osmosis filter. Together with ultraviolet filtration and 7L storage tank, it becomes the best water filter for home. Book a demo today to experience the purest form of water at home.

  • Advanced 6 Stage RO+UV purification + Mineral fortification that adds essential mineral to the water.
  • 100% RO & UV purified water
  • Intelligent sensor controlled 2l jug- fills water up to two- third & stops automatically
  • Smart TDS level indicator for Input & Output water
  • 2 water faucets.
  • 7L tank + portable storage with 2l jug
  • Premium Glass-finish jug
  • Suitable for water with TDS up to 2000 ppm
  • High purification rate up to 12l/hr
  • Tabletop/wall mount
  • Suitable for all sources of water
  • Touch sensitive smart consumer interface for:
    • Process and Tank Full indicator: Blinking light indicates tank is filling. Constant light indicates tank is full.
    • Filter Replacement: Red light indicates filter replacement.
    • Failure Alert: The indicator will glow red in case of failure in any electrical component.
    • Jug ON/OFF: Once the jug is sensed, press jug ON/OFF to fill the jug. For other containers, long press ON and press again to stop.
    • Main Faucet ON/OFF: The flow of water can be switched ON/OFF with the touch of a button.
    • Input & Output Water TDS Level: The indicator on the left and right display the TDS level of input and output water, respectively.
  • 8.5 kg net weight
  • 60W power consumption
  • 75/80 GPD RO membrane
  • Electrical Parts: 12 Months
  • RO MEMBRANE: 12 months
  • Other Filters: 6 Months
  • LxWxH: 368mm x 252mm x 448mm
  • 1 Water Purifier with Filters
  • 1 RO Membrane
  • 1 Instruction Manual with warranty Card
  • Wall mounting Accessories
  • Screws & Inserts
  • Diverter Valve
  • Installation Pipes(White & Blue)


Crafted with the perfect blend of aesthetics, technology and purity, the Moonbow Achelous Premium DigiSense RO Water Purifier Comes with 6 Stage RO +UV Purification and Mineral Fortification for Pure and Mineral Rich Water.

Key Feature

  • Digital Touch Panel and Sensor Control Jug
  • Smart TDS Level Indicator – Know the purity of the water you drink.
  • Filter Replacement and Failure Alert.
  • Suitable for water with TDS upto 2000 ppm and impurities, germs etc. as small as .0001 microns.

Moonbow DIgiSense RO water purifiers offers the goodness of Pure Water to the consumers in India.

What Consumers say

Finally, I know the difference between the normal, polluted water and fresh, pure water. Thanks to Moonbow water purifiers that now I drink water that is pure enough to keep diseases away.


Sneha Negi

Water is essential for us but impure water is more injurious than no water. I realized the impurity that the water has these days after I got Moonbow water purifier and now I don’t need to care about any impurity at all.


Yatendra Kasana

The first impression as soon as I got the product was, wow! the look and feel win hearts. It is almost a month since the use, I can say that it is an amazing product. The taste of filtered water is very good. Not much of a hassle in maintenance. Loved it!


Tarun Viz

My mom had asthma problems and we were striving between her best treatment (in metropolitan cities) and fresh air. Thanks to Moonbow that she now breathes unpolluted air and her health has shown significant improvement.


Subh pandey

The first impression as soon as I got the product was, wow! the look and feel win hearts. It is almost a month since the use, I can say that it is an amazing product. The taste of filtered water is very good. Not much of a hassle in maintenance. Loved it!


Tarun Viz

Works really good, I did not face any health issues concerning water since I bought it even though I am using it on tap water. Not only does the purifier work elegantly, the look and feel of the product have added grace to my kitchen. Super impressed!


Vikas Tripathi

Undoubtedly, the best product I have ever seen, you can literally feel the difference once you step inside the home. I would recommend it to everyone in my peer groups.


Ravi Bhushan

I bought Moonbow Air purifiers last month and there is a definite improvement in the health of my family this year. Super impressed by its effect. I am planning to buy it for my kid’s room too.


Narendra Pandey


Total dissolved solids (TDS) is the total amount of mobile, charged ions dissolved in water. These can be minerals, salts, or metals. TDS includes anything present in water other than its molecules (H2O). Its unit is PPM (parts per million) or mg/L.

PPM, or Parts Per Million, is the number of mineral particles present in one million parts of water solution. 400 ppm means 400 particles of dissolved minerals per million parts of water.

Dissolved calcium and magnesium in water contribute to the hardness of water.

Our body requires natural minerals in balanced amounts which it gets from the water. Purification process removes all such minerals along with dissolved impurities. A TDS balancer preserves the essential minerals that are needed for our body.

Yes. The actual quality of bottled water depends on the bottling company. Some are good while others may be unsafe. Hazardous chemicals from the plastic bottle may leach into the water. Home purified, RO water is cheaper and much safer than the bottled water.

UV filtration kills the harmful pathogens that may have escaped the RO membrane. For pure, safe drinking water, this two-step purification process is essential.

Yes. Around 30% of the water is rejected in the RO purification process.

Yes. The rejected water can be used for watering plants, cleaning of utensils, moping, and other similar domestic purposes. But if the TDS level is above 1000 ppm, avoid the usage.

An RO water purifier consumes approximately 50 – 60 Watts which is quite low.

Yes, it is advisable to connect your RO water purifier to inverter power.

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