How to Choose the Best Water Purifier for your Home?

The tap water in our homes is loaded with hazardous chemicals and impurities which makes the water unsafe for consumption. Filtering out these impurities is critical, otherwise the risk of waterborne diseases is always looming. Contaminants and heavy metals that find their way into the tap water must be removed from drinking water for it to be safe. Apart from heavy metals and chemicals, impure water may also contain bacteria, pathogens and microbes which can cause serious illnesses like Cholera, stomach infections, typhoid, dysentery, and salmonella among others. These microbes can seriously attack one’s immune system and weaken it.


What are the contaminants present in Tap water?

Here are some of the most dangerous water contaminants that may be present in tap water:

  • Bacteria
  • Pesticides
  • Fluoride
  • Chlorine
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • PCBs
  • Arsenic
  • Perchlorate
  • Dioxins
  • DDT

What is TDS?

Contaminants which are larger than 2 microns are termed as total dissolved solids or TDS. For water to be safe for drinking, TDS should be < 500 ppm. The tap water can have TDS ranging from 1000-3000 ppm. High TDS in water can also alter the taste of water and also cause many health hazards. The best way to reduce the TDS of water is to use an RO water purifier. The presence of potassium, sodium, chlorides also increase the TDS level in water. The presence of toxic ions such as lead, nitrate, cadmium and arsenic present can lead to serious health issues and can even be dangerous if consumed in excess quantities.


Types of Water Purification Technologies
1. RO or Reverse Osmosis:

Reverse osmosis is a technology that removes impurities and dissolved solids by passing them through a permeable membrane which filters out all the unnecessary impurities. In Purifiers that use reverse osmosis, the membrane effectively eliminates dissolved salts, minerals, chloramines, nitrates, and heavy metals present in water.


2. Ultra Violet (UV) and Ultra Filtration (UF) Technologies

UV or ultraviolet rays get rid of microorganisms & pathogens which cause water-borne diseases. UV water purifiers do not however remove hardness from water but are extremely effective in removing pathogens and microbes that can cause an array of ailments especially in children, since they’re immune systems are still developing.


UF water purification system employs a fiber membrane which eliminates suspended solids. However, UF cannot eliminate bacteria or pathogens.


3. Activated Carbon Filter:

Activated carbon filter is extremely efficient in removing volatile organic chemicals (VOC), pesticides and herbicides, as well as chlorine, benzene, trihalomethane (THM) compounds, and other impurities.

Carbon is highly porous and thus is great at removing these impurities from water but it doesn’t remove any dissolved solids and can be used in conjunction with additional purification systems.


How to choose the right water purifier based on water quality?
  • If the water in your home is hard and contains high TDS, then you must choose a water purifier that uses RO + UV technologies.
  • If the water in your home is hard and TDS levels are low then, RO water purifiers are the best option.


Remember that before choosing the best purifier for your home, you need to check the water quality. To determine the water quality you may get in touch with us.


Hexapure Water Purifiers from Moonbow Living

Hexapure is a 6 Stage Purification System developed by Moonbow Water Purifiers that employs a comprehensive multi-stage purification process which renders the water 100% safe for drinking and also maintains the taste and fortifies it with the necessary minerals.


Here’s how it works:



  • Ultrafine Sediment filterremoves dust, dirt, mud and sand from water.
  • Adsorbent Pre carbon filterreduces excess chlorine and organic impurities.
  • Superio RO (Reverse Osmosis) Wallremoves hardness, hazardous chemicals, and heavy metals.
  • Germ-Eliminator UV (Ultra Violet) technologyeliminates waterborne disease-causing bacteria and viruses.
  • Ultimate UF (Ultra Filtration) technology removes bacteria, cysts etc.
  • Post carbon filteracts as a polisher and taste enhancer.
  • Total dissolved Solids (TDS) Balancermaintains essential natural minerals.


Based on your water quality and capacity, you may explore the range of Moonbow Water Purifiers. You may get in touch with us to receive a demo and a quality check at home. Contact us here and we will get back to you. You can check out the entire range of Water Purifiers here


  • If the TDS of your tap water is upto 3000 ppm, then Oceanus 3000 RO Water Purifier is best suited for your home. Powered with RO+UV+UF+Mineral Fortification Technology, this top rated purifier even features a touch sensitive smart consumer interface. It also has a Veggie Pure Tray to clean your fruits and veggies with clean water. The 7 L Tank Capacity ensures that the storage meets your daily usage. The high purification rate: upto 12 L/hr makes this an excellent choice for your home.
  • If the TDS of the tap water in your home is upto 2000 ppm, then you may choose from Achelous, Achelous Premium & Ezili RO Water Purifiers, which are the best suited models for your requirement.


Achelous Premium RO Water Purifier uses RO+UV+ Mineral Fortification technology to give you Pure Water. The Advanced Hexapure technology which has a comprehensive 6 stage purification system with RO+UV purification & added mineral fortification makes this water purifier the best choice for your home if the TDS level at your home is upto 2000 ppm.


With a touch sensitive display, a 7 L tank & portable storage jug, Achelous also has a Tank full & Process indicator. The sophisticated looks and ease of operation add to the awesomeness of this water purifier.


Achelous Water Purifier has a purification rate of 15l per hour and features a 9 L Storage Tank. You may choose between these two models on the basis of your usage. Ezili RO Water Purifier comes with a 5 Stage Water purification system and a purification rate of 12 L/hr.


  • If the TDS of the water at your home is upto 1800 ppm, then Alpheus RO Water Purifier suits your needs perfectly. Crafted using a 5 stage Purification system, Alpheus RO water purifier has a high purification rate of 12 L/hr.
  • If the TDS of the water in your home is as low as 200 ppm or even lower, then you don’t need an RO Water Purifier at all. But, to remove other pathogens and microbes, you must get the Alpheus UV Water Purifier as it removes upto 1 Crore microbes from 1 L of water and has a high purification rate of 60 L/hr. Max at 30 psi.


Now that you know what all Water Purifiers work in different water conditions, you may check out the range of Moonbow Water Purifiers. You can also get in touch with us to receive a free demo and a water quality check at home. Contact us here and we will get back to you.





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