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Nowadays, we are living in a world where technology is changing at an exponential pace. The kind of technologies used today, whose very existence could not have been imagined five years back, are a reality now. While the techniques which were used five years back are outdated today. Technologies are changing because people are ready to change with that much flexibility.
The digital revolution that started decades ago, has reached a stage where we cannot lead our normal daily lives without electronically controlled appliances. Almost all the appliances which we use are pre-programmed with a processor, whether it is a phone, a television, an automatic washing machine or an MP3 player. We need these controller appliances to meet a number of functional or performance requirements such as constraints in power-consumption, size-limitations, advanced algorithms, energy efficiency, reliability or real-time performance etc.
Now, we are entering into the world where all the electronic appliances depend on one another and can function together as a unit with the help of ‘Internet of Things’. All these changes can be experienced by us in the coming 2-3 years. It would change the way we use the product and the way we perceive the product. So, when things are getting changed at such a rapid pace then why compromise on your drinking water purification appliances? As a consumer, you should not limit yourself to old-fashioned purifier products where you don’t know what is happening within the product and what issues it might be having.


Let’s take an example of what happens when we use a regular water purifier. Here are a few pointers-
  • You are not able to get the required purified water.
  • You’re not aware of the TDS level in your drinking water currently and if it’s safe.
  • You are not being informed for the scheduled maintenance or the reason why the product is not working properly.


Similar things could be identified for any other product as well. In today’s world, very few people have the time to look into these aspects due to their hectic schedules.


This is where the pivotal role of DigiSense technology comes into play. The DigiSense technology is a revolutionary feature that handles all your purification needs in a stress-free way. It helps to make the customer experience a truly satisfying one. The DigiSense technology is adept at identifying any shortcoming in the purification process and provides exhaustive information regarding the water that’s entering the purifier. This is crucial as it enables speedy resolution of any faulty issues while reducing the need for maintenance, thus making the product more reliable and easy to operate.

Moonbow Oceanus 3000 & Achelous Premium models provide these inbuilt features as part of their Digisense technology-


Features as part of their Digisense technology-



TDS Level Indicator: This will provide you both input & Output TDS level of the product and you can easily make out at what TDS level you are drinking.

Failure Alert: It is essential for any product to have the ability to detect the internal defects if and when they arise. Is it due to a connection problem in the house or an actual product issue? We can quickly make it out if we can identify the real component failure. This feature saves time for both the customer & the service engineer. Our purifiers identify the exact cause of failure in the product.

Filter Replacement: The most significant function of a water purifier is to provide safe drinking water and this can be possible only if your product’s filters are healthy. So, it is essential to keep an eye on the filters and replace them at the proper interval. Our purifiers always monitor the need for filter replacement and provide you with the most accurate information on when you should replace the filters.

Last but not the least, Moonbow water purifiers are well equipped with the latest technologies in every domain and are greatly advanced with regard to digital intelligence. As a brand, we are very keen to accept the changes which could improve the product and the customer experience as well.



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