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What to Drink When You’re Expecting?

They tell you what to expect when you’re expecting including foods to avoid, prenatal vitamins, exercises, foods to indulge in, stress-management et al.But does anyone ever talk about water? No, not detox water or any other health-infused water. We’re talking about plain drinking water. Pure water is not a luxury, it’s as essential as the food you eat. During the delicate months of pregnancy, if you happen to drink conta...


Why is RO Water Purifier a Necessity in Modern Homes?

We are on the verge of kicking off 2018, so let's take a minute to reflect upon our lives ...


7 Indoor Air Contaminants that You Must Be Wary of

Most people on hearing about air pollution or air contamination instantly think of smog an...


RO Water Purifier vs. Bottled Water

There's a huge controversy going on regarding bottled water, due to its disposal after con...

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