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12 Common Waterborne Diseases Causes, Symptoms and Precautions

Water is certainly the source of life. But with the potentiality to harbor infectious-germs that can cause the dangerous effect to the human body, one has to take the careful precautions to determine when the water is supplied through the tap is safe to drink and when it's not. If you want to protect your family and lo ...


What are the Water Pollutants and their Adverse Health Effects?

“The UN reported that India’s water quality is very poor and it ranks 120th among 1 ...


Smog: How to Combat the ill-effects of Air Pollution

The thick and toxic blanket of smog affected children and elderly the most, deteriorati ...


Why Do We Need Air Purifiers?

Most of us live in highly polluted areas where almost 80% of the urban population breathe ...


Intelligent Water Purifiers from Moonbow

Nowadays, we are living in a world where technology is changing at an exponential pace. Th ...

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