Choosing the right water purifier

There are numerous water filters in the market utilizing various techniques to filter the water.  This makes choosing the right water purifier for your home a daunting task.

Keep these three things in mind when finalizing one:.

  1. Effectiveness: How effectively can the water purifier remove impurities without scaling and fouling, which can cause damage to the appliance.
  2. Costs: What is your budget and are you getting the right features for what you are paying? Exorbitant prices do not guarantee exceptional product. Do not get duped for a water purifier with fewer features and efficiency.
  3. Ease of use: Just owning a water purifier is not enough, you must be able to easily use it as well. Ask as many questions that you can like How much time does it take to filter water?” , “how will we know that the purifier needs servicing?” “How will we know the purifier is malfunctioning?”

Other than what we talked about above, keep some practical aspects in mind such as water pressure, quality, and space available. This is because water purifiers come with different technical specifications and have certain basic requirements.

  • Water types: What is the type of your water supply? Is your water surface water, which has been supplied by the municipality or is it ground water? If it is surface water, chances are that the TDS are low and you need to only protect yourself from microbiological impurities like bacteria and viruses. However, if your water is groundwater supplied by tankers, there may be a higher level of dissolved impurities, altering the taste of the water, and at higher levels may affect your long term health.
  • Water pressure: Understanding whether you have sufficient water pressure while using an online water purifier is important. Online water purifiers normally need a pressure of 5-40 PSI (pounds per square inch) for them to work effectively.
  • Location: It is essential to locate the water purifier near a source of water and an electrical point with earthing. Ideally, the distance between the purifier and the water/electrical point should be within a distance of 3 feets. If space is an issue, or if you would like to keep your counter space empty, opt for a wall mounted purifier. In most cases, apartments today provide a special water outlet near the sink in the kitchen to which the purifier can be easily connected.

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