Why you need a Moonbow water purifier?

Life is not possible without water. Impure water however makes it more impossible and difficult than anything else. Pure water is hard to get these days. Our kids are growing up without knowing the taste of fresh and pure drinking water. They also remain ignorant of the many amazing health benefits that pure drinking water can have compared to the processed, bottled water we drink these days. With the rise in population, increased industrialization and increased need for water, the groundwater level has reduced dangerously making water a scarce resource. You must ensure that polluted water does not reach your family. A lot of minerals found naturally in water are essential for good health.

Here’s what a good water purifier does for you and your family.

It removes the excess salts, suspended particles and microbes from drinking water. It also preserves the essential vitamins and minerals.

Find out what goes into choosing the right water purifier.
Here’s how they work:

They first take the contaminated water, filter out impurities ranging from sediments to microorganisms and then dispense clean water. A water purifier can also remove viruses and bacteria and it also subjects water to healthy chemical processes.

Moonbow Living wants the best for you and your family’s health. Moonbow’s water purification technology is the most advanced and extensive. There are many things about a Moonbow water purifier you must learn to know how it will benefit you.

What you need to know about Moonbow water purifiers

They come with an Active Carbon filter which can filter soluble gases such as chlorine, carbon monoxide, nitrogen, ammonia and organic material like dead algae, leaves or any other dead thing washed into a water body. The porous carbon can absorb chlorine and pollutants such as pesticides. The lining of activated silver also kills bacteria. A carbon filter water purifier has been one of the oldest and best water purification processes.

Reverse Osmosis water filter means a multiple stage, through water purification process. Your Moonbow water purifier filters tap water with a polymer film. The impurities are then flushed out through an outlet pipe. This system improves the taste of water.

Ultra Violet (UV) filter that has the minimum level of radiation kill bacteria and other microbes in water. It’s good for killing pesticides.

Besides a thoroughly efficient purification system, Moonbow also has ozone purifiers to purify fruits, vegetables and meat, an inbuilt tray to facilitate ozonisation, an antiscalant to enhance the life of the membrane. A Moonbow water purifier is suitable for water with TDS up to 2000 PPM.

Moonbow president Rakesh Kaul says, “Our water purifiers provide 100% RO purified and mineral fortified water. They are totally efficient and consumer friendly. They are your best chance at good health. “

Moonbow thinks the best for their customers. So what are you waiting for? You can also book your RO water purifier online. Drink pure, stay healthy.

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