RO Water Purifier vs. Bottled Water

There’s a huge controversy going on regarding bottled water, due to its disposal after consumption which is affecting the environment in many ways. Though many prefer bottled water over RO purified water, the cause of the very smart marketing techniques. But how can those marketing campaigns or techniques claim the purity of bottled water? WHO had published a report in which it was stated that many bottled water brands don’t deliver water which meets the recommended standards of water purity.

If you notice closely, none of the bottled water companies specify their source or origin of water. While at times, an excess amount of minerals are added in the bottled water, which is needed by your body only in a specified amount, and which in excess can possibly cause more harm than good. In addition to that, the plastic bottles contain polyethylene terephthalate (PET) which leach harmful chemicals into water and increase your chances to chemical exposure. Plastic bottles also contain Bisphenol A (BPA), which can affect your hormones. Bottled water is also expensive and an environmental hazard.


RO Water Purifier:

Over time many people have switched to RO water purification systems, thanks to the innumerable number of advantages. However, before you buy, do consider the quality of water in your area, as it will provide you a better understanding of the purifier to opt for from the wide range since the quality of water varies from place to place.

While to ensure you receive purified water with the adequate amount of minerals, RO water purifier is undoubtedly the best choice. The TDS controller keeps a check of the TDS and purifies the water keeping the minerals intact.

We can judge the efficacy of bottled water vs. RO water purifiers on the three major criteria mentioned below:

Cleanliness- How much clean water each provides?

Convenience- How easy is it to use one?

Impact- How each affects the environment?





Bottled Water:

Bottled water is an easy choice when you’re on the go or you don’t have access to a filter. Have you ever thought of the amount of plastic you’d be consuming? Not to forget the money you will have to spend for every bottle of water you consume. Sure the water is pure, but is it safe? BPA in the plastic bottles contaminate the water and render the water less than pure. If left in the heat, these plastic bottles can turn hazardous. As the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry. Other than the occasional buy, bottled water is best left for emergencies only. Another alternative to this could be to carry your own filtered water in BPA-free bottles or glass bottles.


RO Water Purifier:

RO Water Purifiers always use the water in your home, so you need not worry about running out of water ever. Moreover, the RO systems use energy in a relatively low amount in comparison to other systems. With the advancement in technology, the energy consumptions have dropped all the more. With the development of energy recovery devices, and membrane materials promoting efficiency, using RO Water purifiers has become much more convenient and energy efficient. Getting a reverse osmosis system can be an actual space-saver depending on where you would like to install it. Thereby, you can make your decisions based on your kitchen aesthetics varied sizes and shapes.

With so many pros over cons, why would you still go for bottled water?




Bottled water:

Plastic bottles pose a huge threat to the environment and it really doesn’t matter if they are recycled or not. Cause in most cases 86% bottles end up as land-fills instead of new bottles, as can be seen in the report published by Container Recycling Institute. To top it all, plastic takes about 450 years to decompose. So, if you are thinking to toss it in the trash, it will just add to the landfill overflow. Being a by-product of oil and natural gas, the plastic production for bottled water or aerated drinks has consumed such a humongous amount of oil, that it could have actually fuelled around 1,00,000 cars for a whole year, according to the reports of Earth Policy Institute.



RO Water Purifier:

The environmental impact of RO water purifier is almost negligible. Though most home water purifiers come in plastic variants but are treated way more than the plastics which are used in bottles, thereby making it biodegradable. However, since filters are thrown out less often, they don’t have much impact. In fact, most filters can now be recycled. You can drop them off at a recycling center or email them back so they can be reused.

Experts at WHO have stated that it is ideal to avoid bottled water and opt for a water purifier. Considering the number of concerns related to bottled water, it is advisable to bring home Moonbow’s RO water purification system. It provides you contaminant-free water with its advanced HexaPure Technology or Six stage purification process.

Thereby, buying a water purifier is a one-time investment and you can reap the benefits for years to come. So, why, pay so much money for bottled water, when you can simply make the drinking water pure and healthy by having the best water purifier installed in your home.





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