Smog: How to Combat the ill-effects of Air Pollution

The thick and toxic blanket of smog affected children and elderly the most, deteriorating their health drastically. Not only were the outdoors affected, but the indoors too were affected by the noxious gases, which can only be eliminated with the best air purifier in India. So, here are a few tips which might help you lead healthy and fit days, away from the clutch of pollution.

Exercising outdoors can be harmful:



If exercising out in the parks is on your daily to-do list, then you have to restrain yourself from it and shift your exercise regimen indoors in a not so smoggy environment. During workout sessions, your lungs take in more oxygen and the heart pumps more blood, so if the polluted air is inhaled, then the chances of respiratory ailments tend to increase.

Not just respiratory ailments, but inhaling the impurities can lead to the onset of allergies or simply aggravate them, even decreasing lung’s immunity, thereby hampering lung’s functions across all age groups. So, avoiding physical activities outdoors can prevent you from inhaling the poisonous air in excess.


Staying hydrated flushes out the toxins:

During this period when contaminants have engulfed the city and are slowly making their way into your bloodstream, then it’s of extreme importance that you keep yourself hydrated.
During these days, your hydration needs to be higher than usual days. Consuming an adequate amount of water will help your body eradicate the pollutants from the system.

So, here comes the stage where you need to consider investing in a quality water purification system from the house of Moonbow Living, where you are open to choose from a huge range of RO, UV and UF based water purifiers, equipped with the latest HexaPure technology, which not only removes all impurities, but also enhances the taste of the water.



Why you need an Air purifier for your home?



In the last few days, the amount of particulate matter reached a concentration level of PM 2.5. which simply means that the particulate matter can make its way into your bloodstream and can affect you in many ways, one of them being Cancer. Now the air inside our home has also been contaminated. They may not be on the same level as outdoors, but is contaminated enough to render us sick. So, if you consider to buy the best hepa air purifier from the house of Moonbow, it can help you and your family have a healthy good night’s sleep alongside clean & pollution free air.

Equipped with the latest Puri 5 technology & Refreshing Energizers, the Moonbow air purifiers are essential for healthy lungs during this tough time.

Mask is your best friend:

You must be facing sleepless and breathless nights due to the dangerous smog. So, there’s only one defence mechanism from the attack of the particulate matter, which is getting yourself a pollution mask, available across all medical stores now.

Your need answered:

We know that you want the best for your family, and never want to see them sick. So, having the best air and water purifier from the house of Moonbow Living set up in your home can act as your family’s saviour from the dangerous smog. Ranging from technologies like HexaPure to True HEPA filter air purifier, every one of the product is aimed at delivering the best experience of purity to every household.




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