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Moonbow Achelous Premium iPro Hot+IOT Water Purifier by Hindware

Technology: RO+UV+Mineral Fortfication

MRP: ₹ 27990/- (Inclusive of all taxes)

Key Features

  • An IOT Enabled water purifier that can be operated from anywhere, at any-time through Hindware Appliances app.
  • Provides real-time health of the machine, Input & Output TDS level in water, daily consumption, water temperature, etc.
  • Child lock protected hot water dispensing at 45°C & 80°C.
  • The latest Flo Sense technology by moonbow, provides the RO Life status alert and Real-time life of other filters.
  • Intelligent Auto-fill Jug technology that senses the water level in the jug and fills it automatically.
  • Smart touch & user friendly display panel.
  • Suitable for all sources of water with TDS upto 2000 ppm.
  • 100% RO+UV purified water
  • 8L storage tank + 2L portable jug
  • High purification production rate upto 18l/hr*.
  • Table Top/Wall Mounted
The fact that you are alive, healthy, have clean clothes, and are getting about your day to day life in a successful way is because of ONE thing- WATER. Water, which is the elixir of life is crucial for our existence, and therefore, needs to be clean, hygienic, pure and free of any toxins or deterrents that get in the way. The Achelous Premium iPro water purifier comes with the patented Flosense technology, which detects the actual life of the RO membrane & filters. The intelligent sensors work together in providing purified water, which is free of bacteria and fatal toxins, and also help in reducing water wastage by 50%. These intelligent sensors also sense the water level in the jug, and autostop the flow of water to avoid spillage. Besides this, the water purity sensor shows real time health of water, through purity indication of input and output water TDS level. The HOT technology enables the product to offer water at different temperatures with live temperature display, and IoT enables real time communication between consumer and the water purifier, which is App based. In HOT, the product offers water at different temperatures with live temperature display. With 800 Watt filament, it can give 40% faster heating than other water purifiers in the market. Achelous Premium iPro is equipped with a 6 stage purification process, which give you purified water, year round.

Key Features of Achelous PREMIUM iPRO


Knowledge is Power

  • The power to access your water purifier through Hindware Appliances App from anywhere, at any time.
  • Know the TDS level of your input water as well as the purified water that your family drinks.

FLOSENSE TECHNOLOGY BY MOONBOW - India's 1st RO water Purifier with:

  • RO Life Alert (patent applied) change your RO membrane only after its usable life is over.
  • Real-time filters life technology (patent applied) know the remaining life of sediment, pre and post carbon filters in real time on the app.
  • Intelligent Auto-filled jug, just keep the jug below the faucet and it will fill on its own.


  • Get instant warm/hot water at 45°C & 80°C respectively.
  • Switch on the heater from the Mobile App from anywhere.


  • The mineral cartridge stage with natural minerals, adds the goodness of minerals back to the RO purified water.


  • Superior RO membrane that saves upto 50% water wastage.

Disclaimer: Additional 50% water saving when tested at TDS 500 PPM, Input pressure 2kg/cm2 and water temperature 25°C.

Get Assistance On Our Mobile App

Download our mobile app Hindware Appliances. With our smart app, manage your Achelous Premium Ipro water purifier in style from anywhere and at any time. Get to know about the Input & Output TDS of your water, Heater status, the live temperature of water in hot water tank, tank status, RO Membrane life status, real-time filters life, and much other information instantly.
Instructions to Register Achelous Premium iPro Water Purifier at Hindware Appliances App. Download Now
  • Electrical Parts: 12 Months
  • RO MEMBRANE: 12 Months
  • Other Filters: 6 Months
  • LxWxH: 368mm x 288mm x 448mm

Drastically improved my family's health

star We recently switched to RO UV water purifier from normal tap water. A friend suggested Moonbow's Achelous Premium Ipro for its 6 stage purification process and I have to accept that it has drastically improved my family's health. We hardly face any health problem related to stomach or water-borne diseases. (Review by Manisha, Indore)

Absolutely worth the price

star I found out about Moonbow's Achelous Premium ipro while searching for the Best Water Purifier and it truly is one of the best I have used. I was sold at Hi Flo RO Membrane technology and guess what, it is IoT enabled. Absolutely worth the price. (Review by Amit, Lucknow)

The product performance has been top class as far as the 6 stage purification is concerned

star I got Moonbow's Achelous Premium ipro Water Purifier a few months back and I can't decide which is the best part about it. The installation was quick and hassle-free. The product performance has been top class as far as the 6 stage purification is concerned and it also gives hot or cold water. The intelligent sensors have reduced water wastage and I am super happy. (Review by Diksha, Faridabad)

Main Faucet, Hot Water ON/OFF

Water Dispensing ON/OFF with touch of a button.



Place the jug to its position and the water dispenses automatically. The smart sensors sense the level of water and auto-fills the jug. For bottles, glasses, etc. touch the jug key.


Child lock

Facilitates the prevention of accidental flow of hot water from the hot water faucet.


Dual Hot Mode

Select the desired hot water temperature. Get lukewarm water at 45°C and hot water at 80°C.


Water Temperature

Indicates the water temperature of the hot water tank.


Internet Connectivity

Indicates the connectivity of the water purifier with the internet.


Customer Care

Facilitates the online registration of service request.


TDS Input/Output Level

Outer and inner circles indicate input and output TDS level.


Filter Life

Blinking or constant red light indicates replacement of filters.


Failure Alert

The red light indicates a failure in any electrical component or filter replacement.


RO Life Alert

Red light indicates immediate replacement of RO membrane.


Tank Full

Indicates the tank full status.

TDS level Description

Moonbow Achelous Premium ipro

BAND 1 0 – 25 PPM
BAND 2 26 – 100 PPM
BAND 3 101 – 200 PPM
BAND 4 201 – 400 PPM
BAND 5 401 – 600 PPM
BAND 6 601 – 800 PPM
BAND 7 1000 PPM

NOTE: GREEN Light indicates TDS value of Input & Output Water

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