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Moonbow Achelous Premium RO Water Purifier

Technology: RO+UV+ Mineral Fortification

MRP: ₹ 21490/-

Key Features

  • Advanced 6 stage RO+UV purification & added mineral fortification technology
  • Touch sensitive display
  • 7 L tank + portable storage jug
  • High purification rate up to 12 L/hr
  • Tank full & Process indicator
  • 2 water faucets
The Moonbow Achelous Premium water purifier is a state of the art water purifier that has the perfect blend of aesthetics and technology which takes water filtration to the next level. With the advanced 6 RO+ UV purification and added mineral fortification technology you get 100% RO+UV Purified water. The compact water purifier boasts of an aesthetic design with astute attention to detail. The premium finish black body moves away from traditional looking water purifiers to a modern, upmarket look. Moonbow Achelous Premium water purifier comes with contemporary user interface with soft touch display panel and two water dispensers. 7l tank capacity and 2l glass finish jug supports quick filling of water which adds convenience especially for the working class. It is suitable for water with TDS up to 2000 ppm.

What makes Moonbow Achelous Premium Water Purifier a must have for your kitchen?

  • Advanced 6 stage RO+UV purification.
  • Mineral fortification that adds essential minerals to the water.
  • 100% RO +UV purified water.
  • Touch sensitive user friendly display.
  • Intelligent sensor controlled 2l jug – fills water up to two-third level & stops automatically.
  • Smart TDS level indicators for input & output water.
  • Filter life indicator & advanced failure alert.
  • Process & tank full indicator.
  • 2 water faucets.
  • 7l tank + portable storage with a 2l jug.
  • Suitable for water with TDS up to 2000 ppm.
  • High purification rate up to 12l/hr.

The 6 stage water purification process:

  • Ultra-fine Sediment Filter: At First stage water is passed through the sediment filter, which removes visible impurities like dust, sand, mud and soil particles.
  • Adsorbent Pre Carbon Filter: At this filtration stage water is passed though pre carbon filter where any form of colour and bad taste are eliminated from the water. The highly efficient pre-activated carbon adsorber is helpful in dispelling chlorine and any additional contaminants like pesticides, herbicides, insecticides thus improving the taste of water.
  • Superior RO (Reverse Osmosis) Membrane: Reverse Osmosis is a vital stage in which water is passed through RO membrane at high pressure. RO membrane helps in reducing TDS of water and eliminating harmful substances from the water like lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic etc. It also protects you from harmful microbiological threats such as bacteria, virus, and protozoan cysts.
  • Germ Eliminator UV (Ultra Violet): UV radiation treats the water by deactivating disease causing microbes such as bacteria, virus, and protozoa thus making water healthier to drink.
  • Post Carbon Filter – In fifth stage the Post Carbon Filter polishes water and makes it tastier. It also increases the transparency of water.
  • Mineral Fortification – In the last stage of purification Mineral fortification cartridge adds back the essential minerals in water which enhances the taste, quality and also balances the pH of RO purified making the water nutritious and healthy.
  • Electrical Parts: 12 Months
  • RO MEMBRANE: 12 months
  • Other Filters: 6 Months
  • LxWxH: 368mm x 252mm x 448mm
  • 1 Water Purifier with Filters
  • 1 RO Membrane
  • 1 Instruction Manual with warranty Card
  • Wall mounting Accessories
  • Screws & Inserts
  • Diverter Valve
  • Installation Pipes(White & Blue)

Completely impressed by the performance of my ro uv water purifier

star Till now I have used three or four water purifiers at our home, but none of them have satisfied me to the core. Then my neighbour suggested me to buy Moonbow's Achelous Premium ro water purifier online. I did, and from my experience I can definitely say that it is one of the best RO water purifiers for home. Offering great value for money, this purifier is easy to install as well. (Review by Rahul, Mumbai)

Happy with the unmatched performance of RO purifier from Moonbow

star Yes, I am absolutely happy with the way this RO UV water purifier is performing right from the day it was installed. Before purchasing it online, I compared it with many other models and also booked a free demo online. The features of this RO purifier are totally impressive. Be it the TDS balancer or the Advanced 6 stage purification, everything about this affordable purifier is just great. I really thank Moonbow for this wonderful product. (Review by Sachin, Pune)

Moonbow Water Purifier came as a saviour for Me

star For a really long time, I was looking for the ideal water purifier for my home. When I came across Moonbow's Achelous Premium RO Water Purifier, it was the answer to all my questions. I was impressed with the 6 Stage RO+UV + Mineral fortification that also adds essential minerals to the water. The best part was that the installation was quick and hassle-free. I am extremely happy with my choice. I'd definitely recommend to anyone looking for Best RO UV Water purifiers Online In India. (Review by Aakash, Gujarat)


Crafted with the perfect blend of aesthetics, technology and purity, the Moonbow Achelous Premium DigiSense RO Water Purifier Comes with 6 Stage RO +UV Purification and Mineral Fortification for Pure and Mineral Rich Water.

Key Feature

  • Digital Touch Panel and Sensor Control Jug
  • Smart TDS Level Indicator – Know the purity of the water you drink.
  • Filter Replacement and Failure Alert.
  • Suitable for water with TDS upto 2000 ppm and impurities, germs etc. as small as .0001 microns.

Moonbow DIgiSense RO water purifiers offers the goodness of Pure Water to the consumers in India.

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