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UV Water Purifiers

Moonbow UV Water Purifier is amongst India’s most powerful UV water purifiers that employ 4-stage purification with UV+UF technology. Crafted with a stainless-steel UV sterilizer filter and a high intensity UV lamp, these UV purifiers can disinfect upto 100 Crore Microbes* from 1 litre of water. Coupled with a Double Layer Adsorber Carbon Filter, this purifier is suitable for municipality water giving you quality water with enhanced taste and goodness.

Moonbow Evinos Plus Water Purifier

Moonbow Evinos Plus Water Purifier

Goodness comes easy.

  • Suitable for water with TDS up to 200 ppm
  • High Purification rate up to 2l/min*
  • Stainless Steel UV Sterilizer ensures 100% effective sterilization.
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Moonbow Evinos Water Purifier

Moonbow Evinos Water Purifier

Goodness comes easy.

  • Suitable for water with TDS up to 200 ppm
  • High Purification rate up to 2l/min*
  • Stainless Steel UV Sterilizer ensures 100% effective sterilization.
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Moonbow Alpheus UV+UF Water Purifier

Moonbow Alpheus UV+UF Water Purifier

Goodness comes easy.

  • Provides 100% UV+UF purified water.
  • Stainless steel UV ensures 100% effective sterilization.
  • Consumer friendly interface.
Buy UV water purifiers – Ultraviolet water purification is the quite effective method for purifying the water. Compare specifications of the UV water purifiers online.
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Purification Technology


Ultrafine Sediment Filter

The highly efficient Ultra-fine Sediment Filter removes dust, dirt, mud and sand from water.

Double Layer Adsorber Carbon

The Double Layer Adsorber Carbon Filter gets rid of organic impurities like Chlorine, Pesticides, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) etc., removes odour and enhances taste of water.

Stainless Steel UV Sterilizer

The Stainless Steel UV Sterilizer Pre-sterilizes the UV barrel against bacterial growth thus ruling out the possibility of recontamination of water and deactivates bacteria, viruses, cysts, and protozoans from the water.

Ultimate UF Technology

The Ultimate UF Technology is a powerful way to removes bacteria, cysts etc.

Top UV Water Purifier Reviews

Alpheus UV+UF Water Purifier - Ultraviolet (UV) water purification systems eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses to provide clean drinking water.

Moonbow Alpheus UV + UF Water Purifier

5 6 Ratings & Reviews


Wall Mount
7 L
5 Best UV Water Purifier in India

Buying a performance oriented purifier that too on a shoe-string budget wasn’t easy for me initially. But Moonbow surprised me with this affordable UV water purifier equipped with the latest technology. The inbuilt features of the Alpheus UV+UF water purifier are really great with high purification rate. What more I can expect when the UV water purifier price was decent and the installation was prompt. I would strongly suggest you to opt this if your budget is of medium range.

Sahil | Noida
5 Awesome Water Purifiers Online

The ongoing bad health condition of the family compelled me to search for the best UV water purifier. After thorough search, the best option for me and my budget was this ‘performance oriented’ appliance from Moonbow. Even the purchasing experience was great combined with unmatchable after sales service. Owing to the UV water purifier, the harmful elements from the water are there no more. And surprisingly, I’ve felt the change in taste since Day 1.

Nitya Vishwa | Delhi

Buy UV Water Purifier Online

Why is a UV Water Purifier the best option for you?

While an RO water purifier helps convert hard water to soft water and is suitable for the areas where the TDS Level is very high, this technology also eliminates all essential minerals required by the human body. A UV Water Purifier with its Ultraviolet Technology disinfects and deactivates bacterias and viruses from the water with ultraviolet rays and is best suited for the areas with low TDS level.

What are the benefits of having a UV Water Purifier?

The market is flooded with UV Water Purifiers, but what are the real benefits of having a UV Water Purifier that boasts of advanced UV technology? The unique quality of Moonbow’s UV Water Purifier is that beside the use of ultra violet rays to deactivate bacteria and viruses from water, they also deploy a double layer adsorber carbon filter technology that enables itself to adsorb organic impurities, foul taste, smell, and any form of pesticides and VOCs. It also gets rid of secondary contamination which is always a threat when boiling water physically. Moonbow Alpheus UV+UF Water Purifier, India’s Most Trusted UV Water Purifier brand which removes 100 Crores Microbes from 1L of water thus provides 100% UV+UF Purified water.

How does a UV Water Purifier work?

A UV Water Purifier has 4 purification stages:
A Moonbow UV Water Purifier initially takes out harmful elements like dust and mud by filtering out suspended particles. Post this, Double layer adsorber carbon filter technology enables itself to adsorb organic impurities, foul taste, smell, and any form of pesticides and VOCs. In its next stage, the ultra violet rays deactivate bacteria, virus, protozoas from the water. In its final stage Ultimate UF(Ultra Filtration) Technology ensures double safety by removing bacteria and cyst and other disease-causing microorganisms. The entire purification process of a UV Water Purifier is natural and free from chemicals.

What makes Moonbow UV Water Purifiers the best UV Water Purifier in India?

Moonbow UV Water Purifiers are the best rated online because they are not only user-friendly but also purify water using a 4 Stage Purification Process employing UV and UF technologies. If you’re looking for an ideal solution to your drinking water problems, then look no further than Moonbow’s trusted range of UV water purifiers with storage. These UV Water Purifiers provide 100% UV & UF purified water at the best prices when compared to others in the market. The Stainless steel UV ensures 100% effective sterilization of water and removes upto 100 Crore Microbes* from 1 L of water. The Stainless Steel body of the UV Sterilizer protects from unhealthy leaching of heavy metals like aluminium and lead. What’s more, the unibody design of the UV Sterilizer ensures no leakage of UV rays. Consumer friendly interface with power, tank full, purification, filter replacement and failure alert indicators.

The chemical free treatment of water, retains natural minerals and taste of water and lets you have only the safest and the best tasting water. The 7 l storage tank is optimum for daily usage and storage. The important thing to note here is that these type of UV Water Purifiers are suitable for water with TDS upto 200 ppm. It also boasts of high purification rate upto 60l/hr Max. at 30 psi.

*Under laboratory test conditions. It may vary depending upon input water pressure on the site & condition of filters.
#Under Lifetime Warranty SHIL defines life of product 10 years from the date of installation under standard installation & operating conditions. Refer product manual for details. Lifetime warranty does not cover the breakable parts like UV lamp & glass. Features may vary from model to model. Due to continuous technological upgradation, SHIL reserves every right to change the specification/brief description/pictorial representation, without prior notice. The images shown are for reference only. Actual product specification and colours may vary.
*Terms & Conditions Apply.

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