Why is RO Water Purifier a Necessity in Modern Homes?

We are on the verge of kicking off 2018, so let’s take a minute to reflect upon our lives which have changed for the better in the recent past. Megatrends like globalization and digitization set in, and shaped our lives over time with various fundamental changes in societies, commodities, and technology. With the advent of these megatrends, we have been entitled to an easier life. Owing to these trends, there are different kinds of water purifiers available in India today. Evolving from a simple water filter cartridge to UV filters to RO, we have come a long way. With so many choices available to us, choosing the best RO water purifier becomes quite a challenge.


We are a native of this growing world, and modernization has made a deep impact in our lives. Every house is equipped with the best air conditioning systems for utmost comfort, bathrooms are a combination of contemporary designs and best accessories. So, the question arises, when you are in love with modernized technologies and commodities, then why is there a drawback in your choice of water purification system? Why not go for the best RO water purifier in India instead of traditional methods? It’s time you upgrade for the better when the whole of India has gone for Reverse Osmosis method of water purification, then why should you be left behind? Although there are around two billion people all over the globe who don’t have access to pure water, nor do they have access to any water purification techniques. But you do, you have the option and the worth to opt for a wide variety of water purifiers for your family’s wellbeing.




Though there are many more methods of water purification, the most well known being Ultra-violet water purification, working on the principle of cleaning contaminants with the use of ultra-violet light. Wherein, the water is made to pass through a small UV bulb, in which the light successfully eliminates the micro-organisms like bacteria, protozoa, cysts etc. The Reverse Osmosis filtration method was introduced, and it took the market by storm. Cause of its extremely efficient nature of water purification, RO water purifiers received an overwhelming response from Indian citizens. The purifier is solely dependent on its membrane, which is a semi-permeable one, also known as the RO membrane. So, the membrane works on the principle of separating the impurities from water through its 0.0005 micron sized pores, which has the ability to reject the minutest contaminants.


Now, with the introduction of HexaPure technology in its water purifiers, Moonbow aims to deliver the purest water. Thereby, stepping ahead of all other water purifier brands to redefine modern age with the advanced six stage purification process, explained below;



Ultrafine Sediment Filter- This filter is the first stage of water purification, where the water is given a stature free from dust, dirt, sand, and mud. Mostly the components which get mixed with water in the supply lines.


Adsorbent Pre Carbon Filter- The second filter is responsible for rendering the water free from excess chlorine and every organic impurity present.


Superior RO (Reverse Osmosis) Wall- This is the most important filter, as most of the work in purifying is done by this filter. Here the hardness of the water is taken care of, alongside the removal of hazardous chemicals, and even heavy metals.


Ultimate UF (Ultra Filtration) Technology- This is an elongation of the last process and is responsible for eliminating the germs which persisted after the UV stage. So, here the water is rendered completely bacteria and cyst free.


Post-Carbon Filter- The last phase of purification, this stage specifically polishes the water from any remaining impurities, and acts as a taste enhancer. So, that your water feels like dewdrops from heaven.


Germ-Eliminator UV (Ultra Violet) Technology- In this phase, the biological components present in the water is taken into consideration, and thereby every bacteria, virus and other disease-causing germs are filtered out of the water.


TDS in your Water

A thorough research by the Bureau of Indian Standards stated that in drinking water should have TDS below 500 ppm for it to be safe for consumption. The water should only be consumed after a perfect disinfection process, which can only be achieved with the best RO water purifier for home. While in case of areas with higher TDS content, no other purifier can serve better, the cause of its potential to maintain the perfect TDS amount by eliminating the excess contaminants.

Hence, before concluding it is important that you consider checking the quality of water in your area for the better understanding of your requirements. While it has become a proven fact RO purifiers have earned their place as the latest and most effective type of water purifier for modern India, it is certainly the one to best suit your modular designed kitchen cause of its amazing build and various features. Ranging from wall mounting feature to countertop setting features, Moonbow’s RO water purifiers are available online. Where you also have the option to check more purifiers in a variety of price ranges according to your choice and according to your need.


So, what are you waiting for? Time is running out! Upgrade to the best and make your home the ultimate modern home.


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